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The Pedersen group conducts research on controlling spatial and electronic structures in metal-organic frameworks and coordination solids. See below some of our recent papers that reflect the current interests of the group or check out our continuously updated Publications.

Euclidian and Archimedean Tessellations in Metal-Organic Frameworks:

Towards frustration in Eu(II) Archimedean tessellations

From an antiferromagnetic insulator to a strongly correlated metal in square-lattice MCl2(pyrazine)2coordination solids

Magnetic Archimedean Tessellations in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Chemical engineering of quasicrystal approximants in lanthanide-based coordination solids

Low-valent metal ions in metal-organic frameworks:

Vapor-Phase Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks from Homoleptic Metal Carbonyl Synthons

Zero-valent metals in metal-organic frameworks: fac-M(CO)3(pyrazine)3/2

Coordination-actuation of ligand non-innocence:

Ligand field-actuated redox-activity of acetylacetonate

Evidence for Non-Innocence of a B-Diketonate Ligand